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.bd is the topleveldomain for Bangladesh. You can find some information about the registration/administration for .bd domains.
Please take notice about the rules and requirements which you have to confirm so that you can register or administrate a domain.
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TopLevelDomain (TLD): .bd
SecondLevelDomain (SLD): .com.bd
.bd Registration Form
.bd Registration Agreement

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Rules (may change without notice)

com.bd No restriction usually means that a foreign company or person can register any and as many domain names as they require.


Ministry of Post & Telecommunications Bangladesh Secretariat
Dhaka 1000

Administrative Contact (admin)

Director Telecom
Ministry of Post & Telecommunications Bangladesh Secretariat
Dhaka 1000

Technical Contact (tech_c)

General Manager
Overseas Telecom Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board
Mohakhali Satellite Earth Station
Dhaka 1213
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