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Let EicraSoft build you world class ecommerce website:

EicraSoft spcialize in website design services for small business that would like to sell their product or services on the internet. Our web design department has design, developed and launched over 300 websites for business that require online secure transactions and full complex databases.

Let EicraSoft make the process of taking your business online simple and cost effective. With our expertise in wesbsite design, we can be your one stop shop for all your web design needs.

Is your business ready to sell on-line? Or do you need to improve your sales on your existing e-commerce site.

Get on board with one of the fastest growing sectors in today's economy...

e-commerce. Here is how we can plug you into the world of on-line commerce:
Catalogue your products.
Create speed entry points.
Catalogue your services.
Create check-out points.
Create a portfolio of your products or services.
Install shipping integration & calculations.
Create groups and subgroups for products and services.
Install payment processing systems.
Provide advanced catalogue search capabilities.
Install tax calculations.
Create shopping lists.
Install e-mail notification on your orders.
Create custom shopping carts.
Install security to increase orders.
Our Ecommerce website design service include:
  • Register a domain name for your business
  • Provide hosting for your ecommerce website
  • Design a world class website layout for your product or service
  • Develop a dynamic ecommerce database for your customer to search products or service.
  • Develop a "back office" online administration tool for you as the online merchant to update products and services anytime.
  • Market your ecommerce website to the internet by targeting search engines.
If you want to succeed as an online ecommerce merchant you have to understand where your products fit within the competitive landscape and be clear about your online sales objectives.

EicraSoft will provide the technical expertise to make your virtual store (ecommerce website) a reality. We can develop dynamic inventory pages with an attached shopping cart that are functional and easy to use. This is a very important aspect and a professional development team with experience is needed to make shopping convenient for customers. If it is difficult for your customers to shop, you will have no chance of converting your website visitors to website sales. EicraSoft is experienced with implementing or improving E-Commerce and increasing sales.

It is essential to make it easy for your customers to pay you. Accepting credit cards and electronic funds transfers are the most effective solutions. EicraSoft can setup your business with a merchant account to accept all major credit cards and electronic fund transfers, at the lowest possible cost. If you already have merchant status, we will help you to receive authorization to accept charges over the internet.

Ecommerce website design define:

ecommerce is short for Electronic Commerce. Ecommerce is quite simply selling products or services online over the internet. An ecommerce website will display, offer, and sell its product or service electronically through personal computers connected to the internet.

What makes ecommerce website special? It is very simple. What ecommerce website does it level the playinh field. If you design your business right, your web site can make your business look just as large as those that are many times your size.

The Internet is a great promotional vehicle, research tool, and communication channel for connecting with clients and customers. In today's marketplace small businesses are discovering that the real payoff of an online presence is electronic commerce: using the Web to sell your small business' products and services. Selling online reduces your business' expenses, provides added convenience for your customers and opens the door to a global market for your products and services.

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