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Flash is a great way to communicate your offer in a user friendly way and can help to enhance your company's image and achieve outstanding visual effects.

Flash presentations can also include voice and sound so they are also excellent for sales presentations, training and short tutorials, for animation on exhibitions and professional meetings, etc. and can be used in your Website, and sent by email or post (CD-ROM) or as self running animation in stands and other displays.

During a multimedia presentation you have the clients' complete undivided attention - engaging all senses. Multimedia presentations can be designed consistently with corporate branding and latest information. They can be distributed quickly over the internet or offline on CD-ROM's.

Multimedia presentations are more cost effective than Print Brochures - they can also be updated as needed. CD-ROM's can be replicated wholesale at low rates or in-house whenever needed. CD-ROM's are easier to carry and distribute as compared to volumes of brochures, price catalogs, information sheets etc.

A multimedia presentation can be integrated with Internet databases to deliver the latest information or connect to an e-commerce site to complete the sale.

We build Flash websites and multimedia presentations in several formats although the preferred format is normally Flash (Macromedia) as it produces excellent results, is compatible with most media, it is easy to produce and the free Flash player is widely available in most computers.

The Flash video technology is also excellent for presenting videos of long duration as it can be streamed to the Internet user so there is no initial gap or the need to wait for files to download.

Multimedia / Business CD-ROM Services we offer are:
Flash Intro
Flash Banner Ads
Flash Interactive websites - with navigation
Corporate Presentation
CD Business Cards - Visiting card CDs
Product/Service Brochures
Interactive Catalogues
Interactive Training/Demo Programs

Interactive CD-ROMs offer a highly accessible and versatile format to deliver presentations, promotions and training material in a memorable, interesting, informative and enjoyable style.

We can help you convert your print catalog, web site, your product photographs, your company profile into a CD. We can create stunning CD presentation design and engaging CD catalog designs - designs which are sure to generate your clients' interest in your products combined with some word magic for casting a lasting spell from our copywriting wizards.

You can use these Corporate presentations/ CD Catalogues for
Trade fairs
Critical meetings
Give out company profile
CD Business (Visiting) Card
Annual reports
Display Product Range (Catalog) with Specifications
Training Manuals
Product launches

You get a master CD-ROM or a digital card which is basically an electronic business card shaped CD-ROM, also called a CD card. Your presentation or CD catalogue is written onto this cd. It also has an auto-run file and a CD icon customized for you. You could replicate as and when you need more copies. You will be surprised to find out how cheap it works out in comparison to print catalogues and how easy it is to make changes.

If you already have a website we can put it on a CD, design a website intro and make it auto-run and launch your website after the intro is over.

Works out great for a new product launch too! If you want to know more about how a CD presentation can help your business or just want more info on our CD presentation/ CD catalogue designing process, click here. To get a quote, mail us your requirements.

Macromedia Flash has become the standard for high impact presentations on the Internet. Flash is the key to designing and delivering low-bandwidth animations, presentations, and Web sites. It offers scripting capabilities and server-side connectivity for creating engaging applications, interactive media rich presentations, Web interfaces, and training materials.

We can deliver quality flash intros for your website or complete flash site at reasonable rates and in short turnaround time.

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Eicra Soft is an active Flash Development, 3D Animation and Modeling Services company, having years of experience in flash games application development, corporate presentations, 3d character animation and modeling services. Our team has the creative bent and the experience to bring vision to life.