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Internet Marketing or Online marketing has revolutionalized the way people go about doing their business today. Today companies do not have to be dependent on restrictive geographical factors like their worker pool location, their raw material suppliers etc to market their business. The Internet has helped them break free of these barriers; it has aided them in reaching out to consumers all over the globe.

Internet marketing offers a number of tangible advantages vis-ŗ-vis traditional marketing

  • It uses the Internet as a medium for marketing, which has a far better reach as opposed to print, which is employed in traditional marketing.
  • Consumers are able to access your website 24/7/365.
  • This enables you to generate orders instantly.
  • Web marketing allows you to respond to a customerís query promptly through e-mails and through various links placed on your website.
  • Online advertising offers freedom to a potential client in a way that he/she can access your website/products right from his/her home at a time convenient for him/her.

Internet marketing can also be a part of your offshore outsourcing strategy. Due to the reach offered by the Internet, these offshore destinations can be connected with your target audience. Apart from this, outsourcing also offers other pragmatic advantages, like for instance due to the time zone advantage, your company can work on your projects 24/7. Outsourcing can also help decimate the costs, which are incurred, making the process cost effective It also allows for your company to focus on your core competencies and develop your in-house processes, which in turn reduces lead-time and brings about celerity in the market.

The basic aim of any organization that is marketing its products on the Internet is obviously to reach its targeted consumers. But to be successful in this endeavor, it requires its prospective costumers to find its website from among the gamut of websites which offer the same services. For this to happen the site needs to be designed in such a fashion that, the costumers find it easy to locate it. This is where strategic Internet marketing steps in. Strategic Internet marketing employs various web marketing strategies that help optimize your website ranking and increase Internet traffic to it. Since 80% of the traffic to most websites is through search engines it becomes imperative to go for search engine optimization in order to achieve a high search engine ranking.

We at MachroTech understand the effectiveness of advertising on Internet. Our team of Internet marketing experts utilizes website optimization methods that guarantee successful optimization of your website along with high search engine rankings on some of the best search engines like the Google search engine or Yahoo search engine. Some of the website optimization methods used by us are:

  • search engine optimization.
  • Submission to web directories (Google, Yahoo, Open directory dmoz.org)
  • Link Building.
  • Pay per click programs for the targeted search engines (Google search engine, Yahoo search engine, etc).
  • E-Mail campaigns

With our expertise in the field of web marketing, we would be concentrating on your priorities which would enable us to get your website a high ranking in the best search engines.

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