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EicraSoft have many ways of promoting your business image. A perfect multimedia presentation, distributed in business houses, via a full-size or business-sized CD-ROM, can quickly separate you from the crowd.

Flash Technology is one of the widely used tools for creating multimedia presentation.

Flash gives tremendous freedom to create designs in a very low size package optimized for the web, Flash can be used to develop interactive corporate introductions, presentations, games as well as complete websites.

Motion, sound, and animation can be a great way to convey your message and keep the attention of your customer base. Presenting your message through moving text and backup pictorial documentation is now available with smooth transitions through the use of Flash technology. Video can also be integrated into your flash presentation, allowing for increased visual impact with a download time that is significantly faster than stand-alone video.

A well designed and implemented Flash piece can give your website the impact needed to set it apart from the competition.

Flash on the Web Flash Animations

The addition of a flash presentation to your website can provide that dynamic finishing touch to your website that separates you from the competition. Flash elements can be used to add motion, sound, animation or unique navigation to your website pages, and create an element of excitement that isn’t available with static text and imagery. A well-crafted flash presentation can significantly increase the impact of your site without adding unnecessary download speeds. When adding flash elements to your website, it is also important to establish a plan for those limited users who do not have flash capabilities on their computers. The flash designers at Digital Business Solutions are also experts at creating the programming and imagery to make a visit to your website a pleasant experience for all of your visitors.

You can include a combination of photographic images, video, sound, text and graphics in your flash presentation. Animation can be accomplished by adding motion to graphic illustrations to explain a production process, provide a graphical diagram for a complex process, provide imagery for elements that can’t be easily photographed, or even add a touch of whimsy with animated character illustrations. For those who need to provide a more realistic representation through graphics, our design team is always experienced with 3D modeling, which can be imported into flash to work with your other elements.

Flash and Streaming Video CD Presentations

The use of flash presentations can be an asset in more ways than just increasing the impact of your website. The addition of motion, sound, video and animation can generate excitement in any visual presentation. Flash can be used to produce highly successful interactive presentations that will increase the retention of your audience. A flash presentation can even be used to produce a digital business card that will make your customers really remember you! To learn more about the use of flash for your multimedia and interactive CD presentations, please visit the Multimedia / Interactive portion of our website.

Multimedia / Business CD-ROM Services we offer are:

› Flash Intro
› Flash Banner Ads
›Flash Interactive websites - with
› Corporate Presentation
› Product/Service Brochures
› Interactive Catalogues
› Interactive Training/Demo Programs

High-speed internet connectivity has made it possible to include video segments on your website without creating unacceptable download requirements. There are a number of formats and methods that are currently used to add video to websites, but none are more effective than integrating your video within a flash presentation. By importing your video into your flash presentation, you can decrease your download time while presenting the video in the most widely-used format worldwide. The majority of users who view multimedia on the web have flash capabilities on their computers, so the conversion of your video to flash ensures that your visitors won’t have any additional programs to download to view your video segment.

Flash also allows for the addition of text and graphics to your video segment. Reinforce important messages conveyed in your video by summarizing them with text that overlays a section of the video as it plays, or easily add your logo or other important graphic elements to your video without the expense of re-mastering the entire video segment. The possibilities are almost endless!

Technologies Used:
Software Tools 3D Max, Maya, Director Shockwave Studio, along with the Adobe standards: Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, and After Effects.
Edit Suit and Composition Edit Suit and Composition DPS Velocity, Final Cut Pro, Shake, Combustion.
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Eicra Soft is an independent studio providing flash game development, websites, high-end corporate presentations, flash animations application development and interactive advertising, CD-Roms, and new media consultation for over 5 years.