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SEO Company Search Engine Optimization High Google Rankings
Bay Street SEO is a successful and innovative SEO Company providing services for corporations from Boston to Toronto to San Diego. Our expert search engine optimization solutions generate substantial, qualified sales prospects and sales.

As a high value SEO Company we provide a range of SEO services for travel, legal, real estate firms, securities and financial, software, manufacturing companies, sports & electronics companies, health care products service firms, and search engine marketing companies.
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As an SEO specialist firm, we provide the performance you need without waste and exorbitant charges. We provide small companies and corporations quality search engine optimization services they really do need.

These optimization techniques and value-added content developments result in a high ranking, useful Web site that converts. SEO is complex because search engines are making it so. Let us deal with that complexity while you concentrate on converting your new visitors from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Google rankings is what it's all about and we've delivered for our clients. Not just high rankings, but more importantly, a high volume of well-targeted, ready to buy customers. Sales for our computer and sports related clients have jumped exponentially. Search engine optimization can and does bring real business success.

What is Search Engine Optimization? (SEO)

Do you own a website, that never appears in the search engines? Would you like a high search engine positioning? Well that is where web site optimization comes in. Having designed web sites for a number of years now, we have gained a good knowledge of web site positioning, search engine positioning and web site optimization.

Primarily we optimize all sites we design for good positioning on Google, as it is the single most important search engine, as it powers the majority of internet searches. How did you get to this site for example, was it through a search engine, and was it Google? As well as Google our sites also take into account optimization for MSN and optimization for Yahoo! And our Professional Optimization Service covers all of these search engines.

We design all of our new websites using ethical design methods and don't use any techniques that are considered unethical and consequently harm your chances of a good ranking.

Google Optimization

Due to recent changes to the way Google lists new websites, any new sites that are created and submitted to the Google search engine, will now not be listed for a period of approximately 3-4 months. This change to the Google Algorithm is known as the 'sandbox effect'.

The number of links pointing to your site, known as 'backward links' these have become crucial in obtaining a good ranking in the major search engines. Backward links are links to your website that can be found on other websites, the more you have the more popular your website is in the eyes of Google and the higher you will be listed. Such factors are know as 'off page' factors.

Sims Designs research all your relevant keywords and complete your Meta tags, title, content etc and optimize all websites we design ready for submission to the major search engines. These are known as 'on page' factors.

However even after optimizing your website we can't guarantee that your new website will be listed in a high position in Google, or any other search engines, as this alone won't guarantee your site a high ranking.

How do you get a high ranking?

As well as having a well optimized and well designed website here are some of the current known facts that will assist you’re website in obtaining better rankings:

The number of links to your website
The age of your website
Quality content & regular updates
The addition of new web pages
A well designed website
Links on web pages of Google Page Rank 4, or above
On page factors such as your Title & Meta tags

All of the above takes time and a good level of technical knowledge and as such can be an expensive outlay for you. With this in mind we have teamed up with a professional website optimization company to bring you an affordable professional website optimization solution.

How long does it take?

Achieving good search engine rankings isn't an instant process and dedicated SEO (search engine optimization) companies will spend a number of months optimizing and tweaking your website.

It generally takes three to four months before the changes filter through into the search engines. Site optimization can be carried out on any existing site and as previously mentioned, all sites designed by Sims Designs are optimized as part of the design process.

No guarantees can be given as to where your site is going to be positioned once it has been optimized and indexed, but we generally work for top 20 placements for at least 70% of your keywords.

Be aware of SEO services offered by some companies charging astronomical prices for seo services and always choose an seo company that appears in the main Google listings for your chosen search term. With competitive terms like 'website optimization' and 'search engine optimization' we recommend you view up to the first three pages in the Google listings.

Do you want an effective website that helps build your business?

It is more important than ever to have a presence on the web. We recognize this and are committed to working closely with you to make sure the design (layout, colors, text, and images) establishes your identity and gets your message across.

Do you want people to find your website and traffic to steadily grow?

SEO Designs offers professional website design, search engine optimization, hosting, maintenance, and reciprocal link campaigns to assure your website is positioned well on each of the major search engines and directories.

  • "We started getting calls right away and the website paid for itself in the first 2 weeks that it was up. I had no idea a website could have such a positive impact on our business. Thanks a million!" - Rick St. George, South Bay Spas

  • "The website got my phone ringing with people scheduling appointments at my office. The combination of CD sales, plus in-person clients has in only four months produced thousands and thousands of dollars of income." - Benjamin Moss Hypnosis Center.

  • "Not a day goes by it seems when someone isn't praising the quality of our website. It conveys just the right image we were looking for. Thanks again for a great job! It was worth every penny." - Jeff Claypool, President Lifestyle Spas
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