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Winux Software is the creator of HR management software, an innovative human resource and benefits management system (HRMS). Winux Soft Human Resource Management features make creating and maintaining complete employee files simple and efficient. The following information can be tracked for each employee: Emergency Contacts, Dependents, Benefits, Assigned Property, Training, Incident Reports, To Do Events, and Performance Reviews.

The comprehensive Winux system is designed for small to mid-sized companies. It handles all aspects of your human resource function while streamlining departmental and organizational processes. It keeps you informed with daily reminders in the form of “To Do Events” and graphical calendars. Use the daily reminder to record upcoming due dates and sees at-a-glance scheduled events such as performance reviews, follow-ups, and incident follow-ups.

Its powerful record keeping, monitoring and reporting capabilities will save you time, while reducing your exposure to employment related lawsuits by ensuring you have proper documentation. In addition, Winux reduces the potential for employee grievances by assuring fairness across your workforce. With Winux, you will identify trends early and make adjustments as needed.

Winux allows you to track and report on the following:
Job or position assignment
Benefits enrollment and tracking
Training and development
Licenses and certifications
Emergency medical contacts
Employee history
Performance/Salary Review
Incident Reporting
Assigned Property

For a more comprehensive review, or to schedule an online demo, we welcome you to Contact Eden directly. We'd be happy to walk you through a demonstration of this leading business application. You can also call 880-02-[8858849 / 88589072 / 9862613] or
email info@winuxsoft.com.

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