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Outsourcing Solutions Service Model

Over the years, WinuxSoft has listened to its clients’ needs as well gained valuable hands on experience, which has led to the development of a client service model that we feel offers our clients the highest value obtainable in the world of outsourcing.

Large companies such as America Online (AOL) can indeed afford to set up their own off shore facility because their goal is to employ 1,000 or more people and the relative cost factor of building a facility at an offshore location can be absorbed into their larger business model. Their off shore facilities are well designed to take advantage of the lower labor cost which in return gives them a market advantage in America where they can lower prices as well as increase profit margins. In fact, outsourcing has become such an important part of their business that they cannot afford to be without it. So where does this leave the smaller American company that does not have the know-how or the resources to comfortably absorb the risk of such a venture? It leaves them at a clear disadvantage because they cannot take advantage of an outsourcing experience enjoyed by their competitors. This is where WinuxSoft steps in to bridge the gap and enable smaller businesses the same benefits without having to absorb the risk. Instead of facing the unknown, our client service model eliminates the risk and enables our clients the advantage of a positive outsourcing experience right from the start.

The WinuxSoft client service model works by creating a team of professional employees dedicated to a specific client’s work. This team can range from one to fifty employees depending on each client’s needs. WinuxSoft provides for the recruitment, employment, management, and training of staff, which will become a team totally dedicated to a specific client. A strong recruitment policy with rigid testing along with high salary incentive enables WinuxSoft to identify and hire well-qualified employees. In general, WinuxSoft will bill out a dedicated professional at about $1,000/month which includes all overhead and facilities along with technical support and training. Pricing per unit can also be arranged and quotas set if the client desires and the type of work fits the model. The value added experience of dedicated employees however has real advantages in that it allows for quite sophisticated projects and almost complete flexibility without cost adjustment. In this case, the client’s dedicated team of WinuxSoft professionals becomes the client’s virtual back office that can be well integrated into the client’s existing office procedures. The professional level of WinuxSoft employees coupled with open communication and WinuxSoft administrative and technical support enables the client to utilize their dedicated employees almost as if they were in another room instead of across the Pacific Ocean.

WinuxSoft support services go well beyond administrative duties. Over the years WinuxSoft has developed core competencies and experience in process engineering as well as programming and other technical expertise. Valuable in project start up and development expand on this and its relative value in start up.

WinuxSoft has 4 years of proven experience working with prominent U.S. companies who continue to work with us today. Paramount to our success is the open communication and executive support provided by our high ratio of American management present on site, coupled with a well-educated, highly intelligent and motivated Filipino work force. We maintain a unique Filipino-American cultural compatibility that translates to high trainable employees enabling higher order services not obtainable with other offshore countries. We also help our clients accomplish the following:

Reduce Costs

Economic forces and industry trends are leading executives to fully or partially outsource non-core competencies and leverage international resources to reduce costs. Through our global workforce, we help our customers increase ROI by providing services at lower than market costs–with no sacrifice in quality or time.


With access to a large skilled labor pool and 24/hour production, we have the people and skill sets to meet your needs with rapid delivery – helping your company stay ahead of the competition.

Superior Quality

Using our Global Solutions methodology, we have the business tools and techniques to ensure superior quality for your company – and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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