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You can rely on our web development team of designers, programmers and project managers. Whether you need a completely custom company solution with 12 offices and over 800 agents, private intranet, customized multiple listing data feed, or content management system, our staff has the experience and know-how to build simple to enterprise-level applications of any breadth.

Experience Counts

We've worked with thousands of brokers, agents and corporate executives to build almost any system imaginable. Hereís a glimpse of how we work with you:

1. Site Definition

It starts with a Free Consultation wherein we assess the scope of the project. We listen to you and help to define clear-cut goals and provide a formal proposal, specifications guideline if necessary as well as a time and cost estimate.

2. Design Conception

After sitting down with you and discussing the requirements of the new site and the image it needs to convey, we create the art direction. Once approved, design samples representing how the main and inner pages of the site will navigate are created and production begins.

3. Technical Engineering

This work is divided among a core team of designers and programmers. Images and ideas are converted to html and site structure and diagrams become code. Any additional features such as database development, Flash animation and other functionality will be integrated at this stage. In cases where a site may require frequent updating, content management systems are implemented that allow administrators to input fresh content without prior knowledge of HTML.

4. Publishing

The last phase involves testing all applications for cross-platform and browser compatibility. In simple terms, we make sure your website works on both Macís and PCís as well as all of the latest browsers. Once testing is complete, we launch the website and submit it to all major search engines. From here, advance search engine consulting and management is available.

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Use our Free Consultation Form. Or, call us at 880 173002341 for international calls.
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