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Unique resource for Outsourcing Solutions & IT Outsourcing
Eicra offers high quality Web Solutions as well as IT Services and Web Marketing Solutions at an attractive prices. EicraSoft is the reliable source for offshore Outsourcing solutions, Web Development, IT Services and Software Development Solutions.
We have been providing software Outsourcing Solutions & IT Services across the globe. EicraSoft understands your business and creates a unique, customized solution tailored to your unique business needs.
Our Web Service Offering
01. Feature:

Maximize your return of investment. Choose us and your software development costs will drop to $5 per hour per employee.

Benefit: Be able to spend your savings on obtaining clients and growing your business.
02. Feature:

No start up costs, additional fees or taxes. The monthly fee is everything you're paying.


When hiring from us you erase all recruitment costs and other costs involved when setting up new offices.

03. Feature:

Our hard-working IT professionals and coaching managers will make sure that your visions come true.

Benefit: Assign work to us and relax as we help you grow your business.
04. Feature: Flexibility.
Benefit: As your IT outsourcing needs change we change with you.
05. Feature:

We are fast. We have an extensive database of competent candidates which we query when we get an inquiry from you.

Benefit: We can employ a person with a matching profile within days.
06. Feature: There are no "minimum number of months"-contracts..
Benefit: Simply stop paying when you no longer need our services!
07. Feature:

Our services are suitable for both one-man operations and big companies.

Benefit: We will stand by you as your company grows.
08. Feature: You can always reach our on-site managers via phone, email or messenger.
Benefit: Communicating with us is easy!
09. Feature: We adjust to your needs.

Your dedicated employee works according to your schedule. There are no extra fees for night shifts

10. Feature:

Stability and trustworthiness. We are a profitable and debt free company and we are in this business for the long run.

Benefit: We respect your projects and want to see you succeed. We will never say yes to an assignment just to get the money. You can be confident that we will deliver what we promise!
Outsourcing & IT Services provider

Surviving in today’s business environment has become more challenging than ever. Every second your employees spend on non-core tasks affects your company's bottom line. Strategic use of outside resources to perform business functions traditionally managed by your internal staff can help you cut costs and gain efficiencies while enabling your executives to get more control over their most valuable resource: time. Time they can use to fashion new strategies, explore new revenue streams, accelerate other projects, and focus more on their customers.

Business process outsourcing is the strategic use of outside resources to perform tasks handled by internal staff & resources, none of which are directly related to the functioning of the company.

If you are one of those smart companies looking to outsource, you have arrived at the right address: EicraSoft, a Bangladesh-based multinational outsourcing company that offers you specialized resources and world-class skills in the following areas:

Why it pays to outsource from EicraSoft Ltd?
  • Get faster results using proven best practices
  • Availability of skilled professionals and infrastructure at affordable rates
  • Ability to quickly understand your needs
  • Control and reduce costs inherent with recruiting retaining skilled staff
  • Reduce pressure on existing support staff improve business performance
  • High quality of service, flexible cost options
  • Assurance of confidentiality
  • Fully automated call desks with multi-line dialing
  • Dedicated high speed Internet connectivity
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Offshore Software Development and outsourcing company in Bangladesh. WinuxSoft is a global Software Development company. Our team has a proven reputation for delivering high quality software solutions in UK,USA and across the Globe.