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Are you looking for a unique and custom web site design for your company?

At EicraSoft, we specialize in building and designing custom web sites. With our custom web design service, EicraSoft focuses on customizing the whole web site's layout and design to your business and special requirements for your company. From company colors to unique layout design, the custom web site will be for your company and your company only.

Custom web design is perfect for companies or organizations that have a unique design in mind and need customized and professional web design work for their business.

How a custom web site design project works:

With any web design project, custom web design is built toward your unique requirements and specification of your business or life style. From a custom home page to a dynamic function (like member log in) on your contact us page, custom web design can achieve what ever you like.

If you need additional web design hours on top of our standard web design packages, we charge only $10 per hour fee for the majority of our development and marketing services. This rate applies to the following:

Continual consulting after the initial visit.
All logo and graphic design, digital photography (taking of, manipulation, and placement), professional text and table layout.
Creation of interactive forms and/or shopping carts. E-mail collection forms are designed for import into databases, as well as email forwarding, for effective information management.
Creation and/or inclusion of JavaScript and DHTML components.
Effective search engine compliant meta-tag placement.
Building of shopping cart database- driven website with SSL security for safe financial transactions.
Search engine placement marketing for optimal listings in all major search engines, regional community sites and relevant business link sites.

All design is created to the latest Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer compliance (4.0 or newer versions if using DHTML or advanced JavaScript), plus compliance to 600x480 (AOL) , 640x480 and 800x600 screen view resolutions. Each web page is also designed for effective search engine indexing with researched keywords and phrases and other optimal ranking criteria.

When designing a custom web design, you will be working with our design department closely.

Some of the questions you will be asked are:
  • What is your company logo?
  • What are your company's colors?
  • What kind of products or services are you promoting?
  • Please tell us three other web site you like.
  • What kind of message about your business do you want your clients or prospects
    to know about you when they go to your web site?
  • Is there any special function your custom web site like online database on
    your web site?
To answer please click here

Since we charge by the hour, design time can be greatly reduced by providing desired text content, ideally in .txt format either E-mailed or provided downloadable. Text from company brochures, handbooks, print ads and other advertising, business plans and manuals are all great sources for content and can be quickly converted. We can effectively write your text copy if the main points of the message you want to get across for each part of your site is supplied.

Also by providing pre-existing logo or desired graphics in almost any computer format including .bmp, .psd, .tiff, .eps, and, of course, .gif or .jpg. Graphics on a gloss finish paper scan at a much better quality.

Cost of Custom web design project:

For custom web design, there really is no set pricing because every custom web design project is different from one another. At EicraSoft, we specialize in keeping cost of a custom web design low while achieving the highest level of customization for your web site.

Contact us today to request for quote and find out more details about our customize website design.

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